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Positive Friendship Values

Positive friendship can be such a natural thing we take for granted. Hello readers its Darren Webb here again with this weeks article about having great positive friendships.

A good friend will tell you the truth even when it is the last thing that you want to hear. A good friend will challenge you to become a better person through their words and actions. However, for you to attract such a friend, you need to be willing to offer positive friendship too because more than often you are likely to attract what you really are. Some of the common attributes of positive friendship include:

No Back Biting

A positive friendship is that which the friends do not speak ill of each other at all costs. If you have a friend who back bites you when you are not around, it is a sign that yours is not a positive friendship. Your friend should be the first to defend you when other people speak ill of you.

Love Unconditionally

The first step to achieving positive friendship starts by acknowledging that no one is perfect. People are bound to make mistakes once in a while. Positive friends understand each other and are willing to forgive each other and ensure that they do not repeat the mistake.

Support Each Other

Have you ever had friends who disappear when you have troubles only to make a comeback when all is well with you? Such friends are opportunists and do not deserve the title of a friend. Positive friendship is about supporting each other emotionally, physically and even financially when need be. Another thing about positive friendship is that friends do not go praising themselves or asking for favors in return just because they offered some help. It is a self less act.

Benefits of Positive Friendship to Your Health

Just like there are consequences if you engage in negative friendship, there are health benefits of positive friendship. Some of the benefits are:

Positive Friends help you to reduce stress

If you are going through a difficult time, positive friends are there to encourage and motivate you ensuring that they do not give you room for self pity. A positive friend will cheer you up whenever you are feeling low.

Quick rebound time in case you fall sick

When you have friends who always want to see you in high spirit, you will be amazed at just how easy it will be to go through the healing process in the event that you fall sick. Such friends ensure that you do not go through troubles alone which can result to conditions such as depression or ulcers.

When you find a friend with the above qualities, know that you have found yourself a jewel. Treasure it because a positive friend is not easy to find.

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