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Daily Positive Thinking – How to Keep This Active

Hello All Again…Darren Webb here from

I hope that 2016 is going well for you so far. How are those new resolutions going ?

Better or worse that expected ?

I know when I first started with the new positive way of approaching my life I have great days and bad days. Those bad days are mainly as a result of loosing track at little which I put it down to my daily exposure to positive motivational quotes.

One of my greatest tips is to use modern technology to remind you of this. You can get lots and lots of paid and free apps now days for general items of motivation however Ive found the best approach is a daily reminder in my iPhone calendar.

Its set to a time that I know I’ll be free to ready and let it sink in.

You can also tailor make your own motivational quote to you…which is fantastic.

So give this a try now

Here’s my settings for iPhone :

Click Calendar / Pick tomorrows date / Set the time you wish for the daily message / click repeat daily / add your message in the NOTES section

Hope this helps with something


Darren Webb




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