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Erin’s Things: August 20

You’re reading Erin’s Things: August 20, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

This week is pretty much about podcasts – great podcasts – with a a touch of entertainment! From living a healthier life, cultural events and a focus on old Hollywood, you’ll have a fresh stock of inspiration for the upcoming week. THE BEGUILED – Sofia Coppolla’s new film makes for the most enjoyable melodrama around. Compassionate female leads and a somewhat vulnerable male lead make this a wholly different version than the Don Siegel 1971 film. We’ve got bottled up passions and cool motivations that lie behind the first half of the film, only to explode toward its end. Winner of the Director’s prize at this year’s 2017 Cannes film festival, ‘The Beguiled’ will have  you as captivated as its characters. THE ULTIMATE HEALTH – This is a podcast that inspires to reach your potential in healthy living. There are interviews with health and wellness experts and its weekly show with Dr. Jesse Chappus serves up an array of tips toward achieving a proactive model of health. The podcast’s Marni Wassermann, believes a healthy lifestyle can begin to be as simple as eating real food every day, make it simple and delicious and you’re on your way. CLASS DOJO APP – A free App that is available via Apple Store and Google Play is essentially a social media community for parents, students and teachers. Parents can see their children’s schoolwork by photos and videos the teachers upload. It’s a shared classroom experience, one where parents can even ‘like’ what they are viewing. Taking it even further, a behavior tracking element to this app, allows parents to see how their child is doing based on how the teachers take or give points based on their conduct. In some instances this can be useful. YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS – Karina Longworth’s best kept secret is out. This podcast gives me so much happiness, she narrates, records, edits each episode in her home. The storytelling is on point and is all about the forgotten history of Hollywood. It is raw and gives a real insider perspective to the stories that mystify us when it comes to the legends of the screen, the movies we love and those who made them. Guests include: Dana Carvey, Adam Goldberg, and Wil Wheaton. WAKING UP – Yet another podcast, this week, I know! But from neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, comes a fantastic podcast exploring facets of the human mind, society and all manner of current events. Harris is also a best selling author of ‘The End of Faith’ (winner of 2005 PEN award) and ‘Free Will’, among many others. Many of the topics are controversial and touch on the nature of our moral lives.

Got something worth sharing? What is inspiring you this week? Share your thoughts and suggestions below! Be well, Erin

You’ve read Erin’s Things: August 20, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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Why Travel Mirrors Life – A Rebuke Of Instagram Perfectionism

You're reading Why Travel Mirrors Life – A Rebuke Of Instagram Perfectionism, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

Backpacking and traveling are predominantly arduous, uncomfortable, and anxiety-inducing. When we see those picture perfect Instagram posts of people traveling the world they represent 1% of the story, willfully glossing over the other 99% (such as the fact that blood, sweat and tears were shed to get to the top of that mountain summit – all in the pursuit of a dopamine hit from the proceeding Instagram likes). The chaos of finding yourself in an alien culture, where you’ve been stripped of all familiarity, is at the time nothing other than a test of survival.

So why then is traveling so rewarding?

Because when we travel we submit ourselves to the accompanying s**t in order to experience those fleeting moments of bliss – the moments that we recall when nostalgically reminiscing about our travels. Nobody arrives home from traveling to share their stories of being ripped off by a local taxi driver or how they got so lost in a place that they started crying.

Life is exactly the same.

What gives our life meaning is our suffering, and what manifests from that suffering. For example when we graduate from university our pride and joy isn’t derived from the fact that we now have a new piece of paper that we did not have beforehand. Instead we celebrate all the hours spent frantically studying late at night, our challenging progress in terms of self-development and maturity, or those lifelong friends we made by placing ourselves in new social environments when we would much rather have stayed at home.

Take parenthood. 99% of being a parent involves doing thankless and repetitive tasks that nobody in their right mind would voluntarily agree to. Yet why is it that parenthood has been proven to be one of the most fulfilling pursuits in life? Because that 1% - seeing your offspring grow up – is so rewarding that the sacrifices which contributed to the end result was worth it.

What should you take from this post?

Embrace life’s difficulties. Don’t feel bad for not feeling happy all the time. Reframe your attitude to all those annoying micro tasks that need to be done on a daily basis because they are ultimately contributing to your desired end goals. Your sense of fulfillment and happiness should be viewed from an overview perspective rather than a fleeting snapshot in the here and now. Nobody wants to go to the bank to fill out endless admin forms, but perhaps that act is bringing you 0.001% closer to the person who are aiming to become.

Every single person on this planet is battling inner demons, in one form or another. Empathy and compassion of this fact will go a long way to contributing to your success and well-being. The next time you see that "i have my life together" post on Instagram, take heart from the reality that what you are seeing is a surface reflection of the proverbial iceberg.

Keep seeking.

Brian Cronin is the writer behind The Ithaca Diaries – a personal development blog documenting one man’s search for meaning, answers, and a pursuit of the good life.

You've read Why Travel Mirrors Life – A Rebuke Of Instagram Perfectionism, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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