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10 Things At Home That Are Making You Unwittingly Sick

Can your house make you sick?

Being sick can derail our life for a short period and depending on what you do for a living, it can really have an impact on your livelihood. It is something we all want to avoid, yet there are many things in our environment that put us at the risk of falling ill.

And some of those things are in our own homes. From dirty door knobs to silverware, a lot of the things we have at home have the potential to become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Here are some of the nastiest items.

Bad Vacuum Cleaner

Problem: If you don’t clean your vacuum filters regularly, you risk microbes and bacteria making their way into your vacuum system. This can put you at risk of allergies and other breathing problems.

Solution: Be sure to clean the filter out often and open the windows when you vacuum.  Consider wearing a mask when you clean. Also think about purchasing a HEPA filter, which gets rid of 99% of the particles in the air.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Problem: If the temperature in your house is not regulated, then your body temperature has to constantly adjust to the hot or cold. This could disrupt the blood supply going to your heart.

The heating system could also affect the natural oil gland in your eyes, which will dry them out. Constant coughing at night is a sign that your lungs are not getting enough moisture.

Solution: If you install a humidifier, this will counteract any irritations you may be having. Also, make sure all your rooms are set to the same temperature.

Bedding Sheets

Problem: Sheets are a prime spot for dust mites. These make it easy for you to catch a cold, worsen allergies or even hay fever. Dust mites tend to accumulate when your bedroom environment is enclosed, such as when your windows are constantly shut.

Solution: You should air out your room daily and wash your sheets regularly. Regular vacuuming of your room is also a must.

Cleaning Products

Problem: Most cleaning products are packed with chemicals that can irritate our skin, damage different parts of our body, and depress the central nervous system. The scary thing is that only a small percentage of companies make the toxicity information of their products available.

Solution: For the cleaners that you have in your home, be sure to use gloves when you are using them. When cleaning, make sure to open the windows for proper ventilation. You can also dilute the products with water to make them less toxic and nasty.

If you are the DIY type of person, look up homemade cleanser recipes on the Internet.

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Hidden Mold

Problem: It is easier than ever for mold to build up, especially on surfaces such as drywall, wood and wallpaper because homes are now sealed up to be energy efficient. Any excess moisture can cause mold to form and grow.

Mold buildup can cause reactions in 1 in every 3 people, as well as aggravate asthma in people who already have the condition. However, not all molds are bad. In fact, only 50 out of 100,000 mold species are toxic.

Solution: If there are visible signs of mold, such as discoloration, peeling or water intrusion, you should have your home professionally cleaned. A faint musty smell is another indicator that you should call in an expert.

Refrigerator shelves and drawers

Problem: There are some sneaky things in your fridge that don’t always get cleaned. For instance, if you have a spill in your fridge, that can become moldy and infect your fresh food.

The fruit and vegetable drawers are easy to ignore. They can be harboring bad microorganisms without you even knowing. In your freezer, there is also a metal coil that melts every few hours with the liquid dripping into a little pan. There is dust in that pan and when its water evaporates, the dust gets carried with it and that can cause you to have a cough.

Solution: Be sure to give your refrigerator some TLC by cleaning your shelves and vegetable drawers with warm water and baking soda. Also, be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables before placing them in the refrigerator.

Your Bath Mat

Problem: They can contain mold, dust mites and bacteria. All of which can lead to exasperating allergies and common colds.

Solution: You need to clean your bath mat a couple times a month. Consider drying it off with a towel in the tub/shower so that you aren’t stepping on the mat extremely wet.

Your Blender

Problem: The gadgets at the bottom of your blender can collect spillage and leftover liquids over time. Microorganisms can collect there, causing E.coli and Salmonella to form.

Solution: You should take apart your blender with clean hands and rinse or wash it before you put it away. This should be done after each use.

Pet Fur

Problem: The dander that they leave behind can potentially make you sick. It can cause you to sneeze and sniffle and it can affect people with allergies.

Solution: The best way to prevent flare ups of allergies is to keep pets off of furniture, fabrics and carpets as much as you can. Dust your home and clean it often to prevent dander from piling up.

You can also look up the best dogs for pet owners with allergies.

Shower Head

Problem: Shower heads contain bacteria called mycobacterium avium. If swallowed, they can cause lung infections and pulmonary diseases.

Solution: Clean your shower head regularly and think about replacing it every so often.

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