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Learn About Various Relaxation Techniques and Benefits

The best Relaxation Techniques for you

It is often said that hard work is beneficial and a little bit of stress in the right amount is actually good and can give you the momentum to keep going. However, at the end of the day, it feels really good to relax and unwind. They say it is beneficial to your health if you get rid of stress and just relax.

Medical experts have pointed to stress as the root cause of many conditions we suffer today such as dementia and heart conditions. This means therefore that if we can bring down stress to manageable levels, then we will be better off. Lots of doctors are of this opinion. It takes much less time to relax than seems possible yet the benefits are simply out of this world.

My Relaxation techniques

Meditation: this is a process of relaxing the mind and thinking about nothing. If you can take a couple of minutes, take a meditation pose and relax the mind, you will be able to ease the mind and get rid of anxiety. Basically, stand upright with your feet slightly apart. Close your eyes, relax your mind and utter simple phrases such as, “I am at peace”. You can place one hand on your belly so as to sync your breath with the mantra.

Reach out to great people in your life: You social circles can help you relax. Simply reach out to people you love and who treasure you. You can meet face to face or talk on the phone. If you talk with these friends or close family members and share what is going on, you will definitely feel much better.

Take deep breaths: Did you know that by simply taking deep breaths for about 5 minutes can help you to relax and unwind? Simply sit down, shut your eyes and then breath slowly and deeply. Breath in through the nose and feel the breath go all the way to your tummy. Exhale slowly through your mouth. This tends to slow down the heart and lowers blood pressure.

Benefits of relaxation

  • Relaxation helps protect your heart. It helps lower blood pressure which reduces the risks to the heart and organs such as the brain and kidneys
  • Relaxation helps to boost your memory even as it lowers the risk of infections it boosts your immunity and makes you less susceptible to infections such as the common cold and flu.
  • Relaxation protects you from stroke and prevents conditions such as depression.
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