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Law of attraction – Act As If Its Already Here – HOW ?

Law of attraction rules, as most of your know , has taken a lot of tips from The Secret know that one of the main tasks is to act as if its already yours / here / happening in your life.

I certainly struggled with this and still do if Im honest on some occasions.

How can you imagian anything that isn’t already around you ?

I found some great tips for the law of attraction that have massively helped me that I wanted to share with you.

One of the biggest acts is manifesting money.

People simply don’t accept that they too can manifest money into their lives. They accept that a $1.00 cup of coffee is easy but have $1 million dollars in the bank can never happen.

Its just as easy to manifest a cup of coffee as it is to manifest $1 Million….The key is that you have to believe its already here. Im not talking about spending money you don’t have but more to have the feeling of being wealthy and rich. The universe will react with these feelings.

Here is an extract from the article that gives you some guidance to the Law of attraction:

One day, I decided “that’s it!!!!”. I decided to become more vigilant about how I thought about money. For a period of a few months, I would meditate every day; I would meditate for 15 minutes every morning and relax my body and my mind, then I would think about my ideal financial experience.

I imagined what it would be like to have a fun relationship with money.

I saw myself at the ATM feeling really good as I observed my bank balance and withdrew cash.

I saw myself buying groceries and enjoying paying for them as I felt appreciation at the till.


Read The article  HERE


Enjoy – Darren


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