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How to Relax before going to Bed

http://yourmindschool.comBiologically, one of the things that we need to do is sleep. It is by far, one of the most effective way to recharge, and replenish the energy that we lost after a long, tiring day. It doesn’t matter if you are working day shift or night shift. As long as you have at least eight hours of sleep, you are fine. However what if for some reason, you can’t sleep? What if no matter how much you close your eyes, you still can’t shut down because of some thoughts that is running through your head?

Our mind is so powerful that it dictates everything from our conscious to subconscious. It also stimulates our feelings and even brings out our issues within ourselves in form of thoughts. When there are thoughts running through your head, whether excitement or anxiety, it may disrupt your sleeping patterns. These thoughts can become a pattern and may cause misery every time you want to sleep.

This debacle can actually be resolved if you know how to relax your mind before sleeping. So, if you’re one of the people who are having trouble sleeping, you may use these tips before going to bed.

  • Practice a Regular Sleeping Habit. Make it a habit to have a regular schedule for sleeping. You may start by going to bed the same time every single day. Avoid staying up late even on weekends. If you really are having a trouble sleeping, discipline is a must. Now, if you feel that your night sleep is not enough for you, take a power nap in the afternoon but not to much that it can destroy your established sleeping pattern. Now, if you are feeling the “swine reflex” where you feel sleepy after you eat, do something active like go to the Internet and play games, or chat with friend, and even doing some work. Just make sure that the sleeping schedule that you are trying to establish will be followed. Again, if you really want to have a good night sleep daily, this is the first and most essential step for you.
  • Set your room right. In order for you to feel relaxed before going to bed, avoid things that may distract you from sleeping. These activities include watching television programs, playing with your computer, or anything that can make your senses active. Plus, don’t do it on your bed. Make sure that your bed is strictly for sleeping only.
  • Another thing to set your room right is the lighting. Make sure that your room is dark so that your eyes can adjust and therefore it will set the mood of your room to sleeping time. You should also set the temperature of your room for your liking. Mostly, it is recommended to at least set it in a slightly cold temperature because it is more conducive to sleeping. Also, try to check your blankets, pillows, and mattresses if they are in good condition. If not, it will just disrupt your sleeping habits since you won’t feel comfortable at all.
  • Make your own routine. Every person has their own way to feel relaxed. This is the same thing for you. If you feel that listening classical music or even counting off stars makes you feel relaxed, then do so. These methods will help you calm your mind instead of stimulating it. Plus, in order for you to do your routine correctly

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