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How To Attract Money using the Law of Attraction


http://yourmindschool.comThe Law of Attraction is simply “like-attracts-like”. It usually manifests from the thoughts and feelings that you create from your mind. So whatever you were thinking, whether positive or negative, the Universe will feel it and It will eventually give you what your thoughts were asking for. By using the Law of attraction, it will always boils down on what your mind is telling you and what your thoughts are asking.

When you use the Law of Attraction, the opportunities are limitless since it affects every single aspect of your life. Now, if you are having money issues, then you may try to use the concepts of Law of Attraction so that it may help you the success that you are seeking for years. It may even help you on your money problems. All you have to do is simply follow these steps, and have faith that everything will turn out great as you hoped for.

  1. Be Positive. Most of us simply want more money to solve all of our monetary and financial concerns that we are experiencing in this world. However, if you take a closer look at these concerns, just by simply thinking about it, it connotes a negative impression which is totally opposite on how would you like the Law of Attraction to work on you. Instead of thinking about your concerns, or thinking that you are so poor and feeling that the assets and money that you have is not enough, think of something positive about money. You can ask yourself first “Why do I want more money?” Of course you can never say “I want more money because I am tired of feeling famished or feeling poor” because that really is a negative statement. You can simply say “I want more money so I can buy a new house and a new car”. In that way, the Universe will feel the ambition and drive that you have because passion and aspirations emits positive aura which the Universe reads and eventually, it will give you what you desire. Thinking negativity will just simply put matters into worse so try to avoid it as much as possible.
  1. Be Grateful. When we see some financial concerns like bills, groceries, or even when we shop, you can’t help but to scratch your head when you see that the bills are way more expensive that you are used to. Instead of feeling worried or anxious on how are you going to pay for it, you should feel grateful of what you have. I know it is a big shift from the usual reaction that you are having when bills come by, but feeling grateful is one of the biggest steps in Law of Attraction. The Universe greatly rewards those who are grateful for the blessings that they are receiving. You may start feeling grateful from the things that you are taking from granted such as a great sunshine, and a great sleep, to those that are essential like electricity, water, food, phone, house, and even Internet.
  1. Be Charitable. Always remember that it is better to give than to receive. In this world where a lot of people needed help, it would be better for you to extend a helping hand. The Universe does not require a specific amount of donation that you should give to someone who needs help. As long as the thought is there, and you have a willing heart to help, that matters. You may start by dropping a buck or two to those who are on the streets, or simply give an extra sandwich or food if you have one.

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