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Be Happy For Others – Why This Is Important

Hello Again Reader Darren Webb Here From

Being happy is very important to a great life. Being happy for others is super important

Why ?

Your thoughts create your external …what your thinking you are also showing on the outside.

When someone you know or someone you hear about wins some money or gets a promotion , how would this make your feel.

Do phrases like :

“Why them and not me” , “How come they are so lucky” ,”They are just in the right place at the right time”, “Its ok for some people”

Do these ring any bells with you ?

Remember what I just mentioned above…Your thoughts so on the outside with your actions.

IF however you feel joy and happiness for ANYONE have some a form of success in their lives then this is what your showing the universe. Your happy for them so you will be happy. You can’t fake this though. You MUST have a deep internal gratefulness of joy for their success.

This may take some time to practice with some people however what I found is that this occurred eventually as second nature in the end.

Now days I don’t even have to think about…it just happens.

So my tip this week is….Look for instances where people are having success in their lives, Get in touch with them and acknowledge this with them…They will be so pleased you did and notice your feelings when you do…then rinse and repeat.

Have a successful day reader


Darren Webb

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